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Time with your newborn should be precious. Don’t let the annoying interruption of changing your stained clothes or postpartum underwear come between you two after childbirth


Feel Clean and Fresh Always With PANDEEZTM Disposable Underwear and Panties Postpartum

All women experience postpartum (after childbirth) bleeding. This postpartum bleeding (also called “Lochia”) may be unpredictable, and can be described as mild, moderate, or heavy. Typically, women deal with postpartum bleeding for 1-6 weeks.

Postpartum, you will be so busy caring for your newborn that wearing PANDEEZTM disposable underwear and panties will become a convenient necessity. Better than your regular or maternity underwear, PANDEEZTM disposable underwear and panties will give you the confidence of knowing that you are less likely to leak through your pads and underwear to stain your clothes. Wearing only pads and regular underwear postpartum, you may leak through to stain your clothes. PANDEEZTM disposable underwear and panties will give you one less thing to worry about and will provide the comfort you deserve postpartum.

So if you are pregnant (maternity) and getting ready for your new baby, make sure PANDEEZTM disposable underwear is on your list of must have items and pack it in your hospital bag. Your choice of briefs or bikinis during maternity or postpartum.

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