Period (Menstruation)

With PANDEEZ™, not only can you conveniently throw away after use, but it can also prevent or delay leaks or period stains from getting on your clothes. You can use PANDEEZ regularly as your period underwear, keep it handy for emergencies during your period, or use it at night. It will be a convenient, hassle free solution for you at this time. Note that while using PANDEEZ for your period, you will still need your pad or tampon.

Adults: Your period may cause frequent interruptions in your day and may be a hassle. Even with the best protection, accidents will happen and you may stain your underwear or clothes. This is especially true for those who have heavy periods.

Adolescents: For your adolescent daughter or loved one, in the early months and years, their period can be irregular and can lead to unwelcomed accidents. Of course, it is very embarrassing for these young girls when they stain their clothes because Aunt Flo showed up unexpectedly or during heavy flow days.

This is a major turning point in a girl’s life and she will likely look up to you for advice on how to manage her period. Help your adolescent daughter or loved one build confidence and stay prepare by using PANDEEZ during this time because accidents will happen.

How Pandeez Is Different From Your Regular Underwear

Many adult women and adolescents will benefit from the convenience, protection, and peace of mind that PANDEEZ disposable underwear provides. This means that unlike your regular underwear, you will have fewer interruptions during your period, less hassles, and no embarrassing moments. This is especially true for females who experience heavy flow or unpredictable periods. What makes PANDEEZ different from your regular underwear is its soft, comfortable, specially formulated fabric. While this fabric is breathable and feels just like your regular underwear, it helps prevent stains from leaking through to your clothes.

Now even if you leak through your pad or tampon, you can feel confident that you don’t have to worry about staining your underwear because you can throw it away and have a new pair to wear immediately. You also don’t have to worry about leaking to your clothes because PANDEEZ will protect you.

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