On The Go

When you are on the go and need a clean pair of underwear, PANDEEZ is there for you. If you are one of today’s women or girls with busy lifestyles, then you must be on the go all the time. With so many things to juggle – home, work, school, activities, etc, you never know when an emergency will come. If you are late with your laundry, don’t have a fresh pair of underwear, your period comes unexpectedly, or any other emergency, PANDEEZ is a convenient solution for you.

How Pandeez Is Different From Your Regular Underwear

Just like your regular underwear, PANDEEZ™ is soft, breathable, and comfortable. However, unlike your regular underwear there is no need to wash. Just wear it and throw away. So if you have a busy lifestyle, PANDEEZ is a convenient alternative to keep handy for those days when you run out of clean underwear or you face any type of emergency that requires that you get a clean protective undergarment.

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