After Child Birth (Postpartum)

All women experience blood loss after childbirth. This blood loss (also called “Lochia”) may be unpredictable, and can be described as mild, moderate, or heavy. This bleeding is expected to last anywhere from 1-6 weeks post-partum.

After childbirth, you will be so busy caring for your newborn that wearing PANDEEZ will become a convenient necessity. Better than your regular or maternity underwear, PANDEEZ will provide the confidence that you are less likely to leak through your underwear to stain your clothes. Even though you need to wear your pads, you may leak through these pads to your underwear and clothes. PANDEEZ™ will give you one less thing to worry about and provide the comfort you deserve during this time.

How Pandeez Is Different From Your Regular Underwear

What makes PANDEEZ different from regular or maternity underwear is its soft, comfortable, specially formulated fabric. While this fabric is breathable and feels just like your regular underwear, it helps prevent stains from leaking through to your clothes. Your maternity or regular underwear will not protect you if you have an accident during the first few weeks after child birth but you can feel confident that PANDEEZ will.

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