Q. What type of fabric is PANDEEZ made of?

A. PANDEEZ is made of a special fabric called polypropylene. Just like your regular cotton underwear, polypropylene is safe, breathable and comfortable. PANDEEZ also has a cotton crotch area for additional comfort and hygiene.

Q. Why was polypropylene chosen as the fabric?

A. Polypropylene was chosen because it is extremely comfortable like your regular underwear but also disposable, allowing the convenience of being able to wear it and throw away. However, unlike your regular underwear, it helps prevent stains from leaking through to your clothes. This means that unlike your regular underwear that will allow blood stains to pass immediately to your clothes, this special material could prevent otherwise potentially embarrassing moments.

Q. During my period, do I need to also use tampon or Pad?

A. Yes, you still need to wear your tampon or pad. PANDEEZ will provide you the extra protection and the confidence that you will not leak through. However, you still need the functionality a pad or tampon provides.

Q. Can I wash PANDEEZ?

A. For best results, we recommend to throw away after each use. However, PANDEEZ may be able to withstand one or two delicate cycle wash in the washing machine.

Q. Why do I need PANDEEZ™ rather than my regular underwear?

A. The main reason you would need PANDEEZ™ is for the convenience that it provides which includes the ability to throw away after use without the need for washing, need for less frequent interruptions because of the additional protection it provides and the comfort of a regular underwear.

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